Now that disinfectant wipes are in high demand, officials are asking the public to keep one thing in mind as they take precautions against the new coronavirus : “If you are using any type of wipe (whether or not it says ‘flushable’), please do not flush them down the toilet.” 

Products that seem safe to flush, like personal care wipes, dental floss, and paper towels don’t easily dissolve and can clog household plumbing, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority said Friday in a press release

“Remember that wipes clog pipes!” officials said. 

As the coronavirus continues to sprawl across Mass., they recommend people “dispose of personal care products, cleaning supplies and other household waste properly: in the trash can, in the recycling bin or at your local household hazardous waste disposal site.”

For more information on what not to flush, visit the MWRA’s household waste disposal list


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