THRISSUR: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday sarcastically said only 30 to 40 people in the country are getting the benefits of Indian banking system under the BJP rule and promised more bank loans to young enterpreneurs who can generate jobs if his party is voted to power.

He also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the “instrument” of a few people “being allowed to capture our banking system.”

“Today, you look at our banking system… 30 to 40 people get the benefits of entire Indian banking system,” Gandhi said during his interaction with fishermen at the National Fishermen Parliament organised by All India Fishermen Congress at Thriprayar near here.

The Congress president also hit out at some BJP leaders who allegedly flayed the decision taken by three Congress-ruled states– Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh–to waive agriculture loans, saying, “If you don’t want to forgive farmers’ loans, then don’t forgive loans taken by businessmen like Anil Ambani, and Mehul Choksi.”

He rejected arguments that the farmers would not work if their loans are forgiven.

“Narendra Modi, over the last five years, has forgiven Rs 3.5 lakh crore of the 15 richest people in India.. Modi has forgiven such a huge amount for people like Anil Ambani and Nirav Modi…,” he said.

“I am only arguing for fairness,” Gandhi added.

He alleged that Anil Ambani got Rs 45,000 crore, Nirav Modi got Rs 35,000 crore and Vijay Mallya got Rs 10,000 crore from the Indian banking system and asked how many jobs these businessmen created in India after securing huge loans.

“So the job problem is very simple. If we give the same money that was given to Nirav Modi and given to young enterpreneurs, they will create jobs.

I am confident that what Nirav Modi could not do with Rs 35,000 crore, a youngster in Kerala will do with Rs 30 lakh,” Gandhi said.

The Congress president reiterated his promise that a Minimum Guarantee Income would be provided to all citizens if the Congress party was voted by power in the Lok Sabha elections.

Elaborating about the scheme, Gandhi said certain income will be called minimum income in the country and anybody who earns less than the minimum income line will be given money by the Government of India to bring them upto the minimum income level.

“So we are going to basically wipe out once and for all poverty from the country,” he said.

Gandhi also attacked the present form of Goods and Services Tax system, dubbing it “Gabbar Singh Tax” and said if voted to power, the Congress government will change the system that is “extremely complicated.”

“Nobody understands it. So we are going to make it simpler,” he said.